Monday, 2 September 2013

Throwback... Monday!

Ok, I know "throwback" posts are usually done on Thursdays (or Fridays, I'm not actually sure...) but I really wanted to post today and I thought looking back at my old self would be a bit of fun. I took the photos from my lookbook feed which goes back two years.

I actually really like the second outfit and I'd probably wear it again, but the other two I'm not so keen on any more. My hair has changed completely, two years ago I thought a pinky red dip dye was cool but I don't think I'd do that again in the near future. I also used to wear extensions so all that hair wasn't even real, but today however, all my hair belongs to me!

I haven't really changed much in two years, apart from the fact that I actually had time to blog almost every day. My interests back then were solely just fashion, and although I don't (or haven't) blogged about it, beauty is becoming a huge part of me and I love trying out and experimenting with makeup. I might do some makeup posts in the future, however I am in now way shape or form a professional. 

I am shooting a personal style "lookbook" today with Rachel, so within the next week or so I should have some more outfit posts up.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


 Boyfriend jeans: ASOS
Black vest: Primark
Belt: Urban Outfitters (sale)
Black tassle jacket: Primark (sale)

So I guess this is my first OOTD/WIWT type post. These photographs were taken a few weeks ago by Rachel. This is what I would wear on a normal day. I'd say sometimes I can be slightly alternative and in this outfit I can see a little glimpse of grunge. Sometimes I feel like Johnny Knoxville when I wear my boyfriend jeans with my converse, I'm not quite sure why, but I love it. (I never thought I would ever say I get fashion inspiration from Jackass but hey ho!) This jacket I'm wearing in the last shot was an absolute steal at just £10 from Primark, I love the tassle detail on the front and back (which you can't really see here) because it kind of makes me feel like a Hell's Angel! Haha!

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Friday, 23 August 2013

The Start of a Big Move...

So as I mentioned in my first blog post, I am moving to London! This will be my first time living without my parents and I am super nervous. Up until the other day none of this has actually felt real, it was only when I started shopping for my new bedroom essentials is when it all started to sink in.

Some of you might be in the same position as me, moving away from home for the first time and now starting to admit that for the next three years you're going to be a typical skint student living off 11p noodles. Since my family all know that this is the case, I've had a lot of help and I was so delighted when my Grandad kindly offered me some money to buy some new bedsheets and other things for my bedroom.

I decided to go to Primark because I've seen some really cute duvet sets whilst I've been working there which I couldn't resist!

The first duvet set I picked up was this cute "ditsy floral" print. It kind of reminded me of something my grandma would have in her house. I want a really cute girly room so I'm going for a kind of granny-chic, shabby kind of thing. Not mention this set was on sale for just £7! The next one I don't really have an excuse for, it probably doesn't really fit with the theme of my room but it is just so adorable! It's also double sided, so it's essentially two duvet sets for the price of one.

I've never really seen patterned bed sheets before, so when I noticed these for just £8 I had to buy them, I figured the dog print sheet would go perfectly with my pug duvet set, and the heart patterned sheets would look cute with either or! I know patterned bed sheets might be pretty pointless since they will be covered up with my duvet but I liked them!

I must admit these are not essential at all, but for £3 I don't really care. I think they would look awesome, fairy lights are such an easy way to cuten up any room!

Primark didn't seem to have much of a range of laundry baskets and this one was by far the nicest one, although, I do think it's a bit childish the colours will look nice in my room. (There was a plain white one but I really didn't like it.) I think the fact that I can shrink it down into this little bag will really come in handy when living in a small flat.

And that just about covers everything in my mini homeware haul!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The First Dress I Ever Made.

Since I've not been very motivated recently, when I was asked to model for a "gothic" styled shoot I couldn't resist! I was in charge or hair, make-up and styling and I knew that this black velvet dress I made during my first year at college would be perfect. I teamed it with a pair of black platformed heels (which you can't see here), my usual messy bed-head hair and dark purple lipstick.

You can see more of these photographs on Rachel's photography page.